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Description: We are urgently looking for someone with deep Drilling Experience to work in the Middle East with a large ME National Oil Company to assist in the implementation of improvements to their drilling processes. The work would be predominantly on site over a 13-16 week period with occasional flights home.

Client Company: Large ME NOC

Start Date: 14 Jul 10

End Date: 14 Oct 10

Location: Saudi

If you are interested please email your interest, contact details and an up to date resume to and we will forward your information on to the relevant person. If they see a potential fit they will contact the candidate directly

AWS was featured in the June edition of UK HR magazine The Grapevine. President Cathy Clonts shared the benefits enjoyed by companies with an alumni community from which to source specific talent, "there are cases where someone who left is suddenly needed on a new project and a current employee might not fit the requirement as well. HR can’t talk to everyone but through the network they can see who’s become available". Read the article summary.

AWS was also featured in the Friday May 21 2010 Houston Business Journal HR Focus magazine. Cathy Clonts shared the value former employees can play as boomerang employees and referring quality talent to the organization. The article looked at the top HR Challenges for 2010 including re-establishing loyalty in the workforce, changing legislation, re-establishing job duties and recruiting in a high-tech era.

Unsurprisingly, throughout the recession those remaining employed have had to accept changes such as a more concentrated workload, reductions in development programs and cuts in bonuses and base salaries. This is supported by Kevin Mulligan, president of Ascent Growth Advisors, who further states that “employees that were retained during the downturn were probably asked to accept more responsibilities”.

Kevin believes that one of today’s main challenges during the uphill recovery is to re-establish trust in the workplace. Michael Lamb, senior partner with Korn/Ferry International concurs, suggesting that with so many layoffs, many employees are doing more than one job right now. He asks of employers, “If an opportunity comes an employee’s way, what are you doing to make sure they are not tempted to jump ship tomorrow?”

AWS the host of ARCO alumni and other corporate alumni networks seeks a part time consultant to support our growing business. If you or someone you know is interested in working 15 hours a week supporting existing and potential clients please contact us

This person will manage client meetings and ensure projects are completed on time.  The position will include site demos, showcasing the services, and editing newsletters and profiles.  The ideal candidate will have strong verbal and written communication skills.

Engineers See Bright Skies Ahead

While many industries remain subdued, and fears of a double dip recession hang over us, talent managers in the oil and gas industry are scouring the market for technical talent, with many recruiters finding that experienced technical professionals can ‘write their own tickets’ as the market regains strength. In fact, experienced professionals in the oil and gas industry tell us they have weathered the economic downturn better than most.

“Companies are contacting us again with great interest in finding their former employees. There is renewed priority on preparing for the upcoming skills gap. In addition, companies downsized, but are now finding new opportunities and some of the people who were let go will be well positioned to fill these new opportunities,” shares Cathy Clonts, President of AWS, which hosts a number of corporate alumni networks.

In a recent Alumni Web Services’ (AWS) survey of its online networking and alumni community members in the oil and gas industry, members were asked how their job satisfaction compared to the 2007 SPE survey where 73% of respondents were satisfied. AWS members’ responses remained consistent to the SPE survey; 43% percent report they are equally satisfied and a whopping 31% report a higher level of job satisfaction than before the economic downturn. This is good news compared with a recent Conference Board survey of job satisfaction levels in the U.S. According to the nationwide survey, only 45% of Americans were satisfied with their work—the lowest level recorded in 22 years of the survey.