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Todd with his son Michael, a sophomore at CU Boulder

Todd Habliston enjoyed a 16 year tenure at ARCO, from 1983 - 1999. After his ARCO years he worked for Forest Oil, where he retired in April 2015 after seven years of service including post-merger duties with Sabine Oil and Gas. Todd also supported the divestiture of nearly $4 billion of company assets, including the December 2014 merger. 

Todd founded and is Managing Director of Vision Energy Partners LLC, focused on redevelopment of legacy, conventional oil & gas assets, and consulting for multiple clients in Denver and Ft. Worth who are focused on strategic M&A activity in California, Rockies and the Mid-Continent.

On a personal note, Todd Habliston's oldest daughter has blessed his wife and him with 2 grandchildren and his youngest daughter expects a child at Thanksgiving.

todd family


ARCO alums gathered on a sunny Anchorage evening in July. A summer event enabled former ARCO employees who summer in Anchorage to attend. This included Kirk Barker, who is pictured wearing ARCO memorabilia.

Wayne Morrison made his annual appearance and came along with an ARCO pennant. Wayne was in Prudhoe on the day the ARCO pennant came down for the last time.


With ARCO alum Ryan Lance in Anchorage earlier that day for a ConocoPhillips town hall, there was a lot of talk about oil prices and how this would impact both those of us still working and cities like Anchorage. What do you predict oil prices will do? Take the oil prices poll and share your view.

SPE ATCE is in Houston this September. If you are attending, log onto events and RSVP to join others living in Houston or those from out of town attending the conference. We are meeting from 5:00 pm at MKT Bar.

In Anchorage, not all the talk was on the falling oil prices. Marilyn Watts came to visit with friends. Her husband has passed away, but Marilyn said ARCO was a part of the family’s life and they cherished the friends they made and experiences they had.

Bharat Jhaveri will be retiring from BP at year’s end. Other BP employees included Janet and Troy Weiss, Marcia Bandy and from BP Houston, Larry Bacak. In addition to BP, our sponsors were PRA, Advancial, GCI, SM Energy and Newfield Exploration. Russ Doig was there from GCI and Tom and Chantal Walsh of PRA.

Thanks to Angie and Brandon from Advancial for the gift certificates and giveaways.


Ken and Dotty Elmore visited with friends and Ken wore an ARCO shirt. Paula Harris, COP, was in town from Oklahoma. Having grown up in Anchorage, Paula returned for a high school reunion. Others from COP included Pam Barkeley, Dan Eck, Kathy Godsey, Vicky Hahn, Linda Petrie, Kathleen Plunkett and Tina Suellentrop. Dan made an appearance with his daughter and then exhibited he remains athletically inclined when he left to bike with his children.

Also at the happy hour: Micky Becker, Shell; Diane and Dean Carson, Susan Jakonis, Dante Keumerle, AECOM; Katheen Oakes Morrow, Jack Porter, Virginia Reffner, Dan Rodgers, Becky Schumacher, Gerry Suellentrop, D&M; Deb and Roger Wahrer, and Mark Worcester.

Log on to ARCO alumni and click on Who’s Doing What to read what your former ARCO colleagues are doing.

contract jobBill Keffer has posted a requirement for teaching instructors and has reached out to the ARCO Alumni community via our forum. Read his note below and respond here:

“I recently joined the law-school faculty at Texas Tech and am teaching courses on oil-and-gas law. In getting to know the Chairman of Tech's Petroleum Engineering Department, Marshall Watson, I have learned that he is in desperate need of instructors with drilling-and-production experience, either on a full-time or adjunct basis.”

Log on and message Bill for more information.

jane-williamson-sqJane has attended prior ARCO Alumni reunions and while she is now living in Montana, she is often traveling and she would like to reconnect with Jeff Harris, Mark Weber, Jean Weingarten, and Jerry and Al Schueller.

Jane Williamson retired from State of Alaska DNR, Department of Oil and Gas in September 2012 and moved to Montana as her first grandchild Sonia was arriving. She has been spending late spring through early fall in the Flathead Lake Polson area and fall to early winter in Bozeman.

She also travelled to Adelaide, Australia for 3 months to visit her oldest son Nathan, his wife Julie, and their children Sonia (3 years old) and Raleigh (1 year old). Nathan is pursuing a PhD in Materials Engineering at University South Australia after completing his BS and MS in Chemical Engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman. Jane’s youngest son Lige is in New York City pursuing his passion in music, singing and playing his own compositions on guitar, particularly slide resonator.

What do you think oil prices will do? Take the poll to leave your vote. The results will be published in an upcoming eNewsletter.