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Syed Bokhari

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ARCO Alumnus Syed Bokhari is ready for a new challenge.  With his wealth of experience, Syed is hoping to get a position that utilizes his knowledge either in a general or technical management role. He has worked in many disciplines in the upstream business, lending him the unique advantage of understanding most aspects of the business-a must for a senior manager. Currently living in Pakistan, Syed is flexible regarding location.

Syed thoroughly enjoyed working for ARCO from 1985 to 1997. He tells us “ARCO was a great place to work and make wonderful friends. Even though it was quite large, it gave you the feel of a small company-the camaraderie was great. ARCO was very technically driven and I enjoyed the opportunity to work in so many exciting places across the US and the globe”.

In the oil and gas industry, a love of travelling is an almost mandatory requirement as your career will inevitably take you around the globe. Syed’s career was no different and he loved and enjoyed exploring the world and its people when his career took him away from home.

Originally from Pakistan, Syed settled in the US for 30 years. The lure of starting a new company from scratch however was the impetus for Syed’s return to Pakistan in 2006 after he was approached by investors interested in forming a Pakistani company based on international standards.

“I was fortunate to attract very capable professionals with multinational experience and together we setup a high quality organization.” The company’s success continued and it won two large exploration blocks, brought in multinational partners, acquired seismic, performed several studies and identified 5 high quality prospects in which they plan to drill later this year.  All of this was accomplished in a very short time considering the recent challenging environment (the deep reaching recession and Pakistan's security issues). New Horizon E&P Limited continues to thrive.

Having recently returned from a vacation in the US, Syed enjoyed some quality downtime with his family. His oldest child is currently studying in TAMHSC Medical School; he has another in UC Irvine, and his youngest attends Harvard.  His parents are in Chicago and wife Lubna’s parents are in CA-understandably it is a tough juggling act trying to meet with them all when he visits.

While the children are away studying, Syed’s wife Lubna remains very involved in charity work. Having studied medicine, her accomplishments to date include helping build a middle school and a medical clinic for the very poor in Pakistan. She is also very active with a few NGOs, including "War Against Rape" ( and "Children's Development Education Foundation" (

Pictured above a recent photo of Syed at Yacheng Field in South China; one that was discovered & developed by ARCO in late 1980's to early 1990"s.

Read Syed’s resume and contact him with any leads or opportunities.



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