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US Production Reaches Record High During SPE ATCE and other news Featured

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Energy Alumni gatherings started in Houston this year after the Anchorage winter lunch closed out 2022. Then came a record turnout at O'Malley's in August followed by a chance to network in San Antonio where SPE ATCE was hosted. The idea for the SPE happy hour was a result of learning that Terry Palisch is the fourth ARCO legacy employee to lead the organization.  “I am excited to carry on the legacy of the multiple SPE Presidents who are ARCO Alumni…a testament to the company,” said Terry. Terry and his wife, Sandy, also an ARCO alumnus, live in Dallas.

Outgoing SPE President and Chevron Emeritus Med Kamal welcomed incoming President Terry Palisch, Carbo Ceramics during an auspicious week. "This week we saw record output in the US," shared Med at the Energy Alumni happy hour. Also at the networking happy hour were Gerardo Cedillo and Vivek Peraser who learned about Energy Alumni from Rana ElGhonimy. All three of the BP Alalska alumni are now working for BP in Houston. Thank you, Rana, for spreading the word! Search the website, and if you find someone who is in the industry andd not yet a member, spread the word - we have events in Anchorage, Dallas, Houston, The Woodlands and other locations. Even if you can't make an event, joining this community will keep you connected through the newsletter and by logging on and seeing who has updated their profile.

Alaska residents at the Energy Alumni happy hour in San Antonio included Chantal and Tom Walsh, PRA; Andy Bond, Santos and his wife Lori and David Lachance who flew from Anchorage to San Antonio to see a friend receiving an award at one of the programs. David was able to catch up with BP Alaska friends who had left Anchorage for Houston and other places and were attending SPE ATCE. 

Other Alaska alums included Scott and Kim Smith who departed for the US in 1994 and made it as far as Calgary where they have since called home. They shared some good laughs with Keith Lynch who recently watched a video of Scott roasting Keith when he left Alaska in 1992. Kemp and Janet Copeland are neighbors of Susan and Keith Lynch. They live outside of San Antonio in Boerne, Texas. Also living in Boerne is Larry Parnell, who has been running a family business and shared that three of his children attended University in the UK - "it costs less and the quality of students is high" shared Larry.

Renewables were also a topic of conversation, including by the lunch speaker on Monday. Tom Walker relocated from Denver to The Woodlands with Occidental Petroleum, who are working on a Carbon Removal Credit Purchase, invested in by Amazon and the US government in a bid to be carbon neutral by 2040.

William Cobb, an ARCO Alumnus and a past SPE President, gave a moving speech at an SPE lunch where he shared the reasons he gives back. "When I was a boy I was more interested in receiving, but now I am happy to give back, and SPE played an important role in my career development."

Pictured are ARCO alums who were SPE Presidents Med Kamal, Janeen Judah, now the Foundation President for 2024, and current SPE President Terry Palisch.

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