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With over 95 individuals at the happy hour, we have much to share, and these updates won't cover everyone; log onto the site and click on Who's Doing What to read more! As guests were arriving James Posey and Harold Heinze quickly began chatting, followed by Denise Ganopole, Chip Derrick, Dennis Bickford and Kathy Godsey. Kathy is coming up on her 39th year in the industry and is currently working at ConocoPhillips Alaska.  She has been in the same building since 1984. "I work in the IT department and support the Shared Services Aviation department," said Kathy.

My career kept returning me to Alaska, and I retired there in 1999  - Harold Heinze

Harold Heinze joined Atlantic Richfield in 1965, and arrived in Alaska in 1969 when TAPS was put on hold for environmental review. "I left Alaska because the pipeline was put on hold, " said Harold. "Then I was among the first to move back when we were given the green light. When Harold retired from ARCO in 1999, he remained in Anchorage.

Gina Luckey worked in external affairs 'spending the company's money' and enjoying a variety of responsibilities including giving tours of the North Slope. Gina transitioned to ConocoPhillips Alaska, and retired in 2015. "I continue to live in Anchorage with my husband Ken. We're both enjoying retirement by spending time with family and friends, traveling, golf and gardening, to name a few." Patricia Lobel shared that she and Jed Chamberlain will vacation in Greece, celebrating Jed's retirement from COP Alaska. The couple enjoy a variety of activities including disc golf with David and Veronica Reem.

David had a good chuckle teasing Abhijeet Tambe about his sandals at the happy hour.

John Hentges retired from COP Alaska and soon found himself employed with a Europen firm working in the carbon capture space. "Summers in Alaska are not to be wasted, and I let the company know I will be back in the fall," said John. With both of their children living in Anchorage, John and Kristina are among the many alums staying in Anchorage. Denise Berry, Bob Chivvis, Scott Digert, Kathy Gray, Danielle and Doug Ohms, Frank and Anca Paskvan, Tom Plawman, Paul Provencio, Nancy Joseph Moses, Randy Ruedrich, Marcia Bandy and Jack Porter, Bruce and Susan Dingeman, and Becky Schumacher were also at the happy hour.

We were sorry to miss a number of colleagues including Russ Doig and Linda Petrie who are traveling across Canada, Ken Elmore who was recovering from surgery, Janet and Troy Weiss who were river rafting and Cheryl and John Kurz who were on the Kenai. Log on today and update your profile and click on the Photo Gallery to see the pictures.

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