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Jonny Rau, Commodore Offshore; Jim Sikes, Hilcorp Energy and our Facebook administrator, Cindy Stowell, EOG Resources are regulars at the Houston happy hours. This year, Vicki Watson Rau, Magna Oil and Gas, and who was with ARCO accounting from 1990 to 2000, grew our attendance with her outreach to fellow accounting friends and colleagues. New attendees included Marissa Rombado, ARCO 1990-1998 and her husband Gabriel who is with ExxonMobil, Phuong and Jeff Schaeffer; John Plenger, Lane Rees, and othrs.

A special thank you to our sponsors, Advancial and Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA). Pictured, Julie Hardegree, Advancial, presents one of the door prizes to Vicky Watson Rau. Irwin Chou, BP Gulf of Mexico, Jim Sikes, Hilcorp Energy, Cindy Stowell, EOG Resources, and Walt Bozeman also won door prizes. 

It was a great evening of delicious Italian ravioli, meatballs, bruchetta and pizza, beverages and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. The swag on the tables was a mix of eclectic items from measuring cups and first aid kits to collapsible bowls and pocket mirrors. All the swag was gone by the end of the evening.

I had so much fun at the happy hour. I don’t know what took me so long to attend one
- Vicki Watson Rau

"I had so much fun at the ARCO Alum Happy Hour," said Vicki Watson Rau. "I don’t know what took me so long to attend one, but reaching out to previous co-workers and seeing if they wanted to attend (which most of them immediately said YES) turned out to be so worth it. Most of these accountants did not know anything about the Advancial hosted happy hour events."

Thank you very much for allowing me to “Win” the goodie basket. Since it was a BBQ themed basket, I had several accountants asking me when was the BBQ gonna be at my house!!! ( The majority of the Arco Accountants were always witty and had a great sense of humor)! We were a fun group and not your stereo-typed boring bean counters!!!!

Danny McRae and his wife Angela had a great time seeing some old friends whom they haven't seen in many years.

I had a great time seeing old friends whom I haven't seen in many years

- Danny McRae

"I am working at Cathexis, a private company, in corporate tax compliance, but retirement is in the the sights," shared Danny.

I've since found the AOGA website is a great resource for Alaska oil and gas news...and jobs - Scott Tinkham

In addition to the accounting presence, we all have a strong Alaska contingent and this year Kara Moriarty, AOGA President and CEO attended the networking happy hour and shared updates on the industry, including some of the investment challenges faced by companies including Benjy Johnson and others finding that investments are difficult to obtain due to companies shying away from the energy industry. Following Kara's talk, there were a number of questions from those in the audience. Learn more about AOGA, its work, employment opportunities and its members.

There is also always the international ARCO presence and we all talked about how the Plano facility was demolished. ARCO Alum Norm Nadorff and his wife Claudia were dressed in their ARCO shirts, Norm's from the ARCO Indonesia men's league night softball team circa 1994. "We primarily played teams from other oil companies and service companies. I played second base and short centerfield. My main recollection was one of my teammates who was such a strong right-handed pull hitter that the opposing third baseman and shortstop would literally move into the near outfield due to the blistering velocity of his line drives. I also remember pulling a hamstring muscle in my right leg while rounding third base. Until then I had no idea as to just how painful that is." 

Determination and grit define the Alaska energy industry 

- Kara Moriarty, AOGA

It was great hearing from AOGA's Kara Moriarty about the Willow and Pikka development projects  

- Scott Tinkham










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