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2019 Denver Happy Hour Rialto Café

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Talking about how high oil prices will go...

We were pleased to see some new faces at our Denver ARCO Alumni networking event. This included Jason Billings, Whiting Oil and Gas; Tom Gardner and Tommy Nations. Tommy is an artificial lift consultant, and at 70, shows that our ARCO alums are still actively supporting the industry. Larry Parnell relocated to Denver and is COO for Beacon E&P, and Greg and Suzanne Ernster are also living in Denver now and joined the group straight from a Rockies winning game.

Liberty Resources had a full contingent of ARCO Alumni in attendance including Mark and Maria Pearson, Gordon Pospisil, Stacy Strickland and Larry Griffin. 

It was 20 years ago that the acquisition was announced. 

ARCO talent is powering a number of small operators in Denver. Cynthia and Steve Enger, Edge Energy; Bill O'Brien with Nitec; Tom Tracey, BTA Oil Producers and Jay Stratton, Ultra Petroleum. Herb Vogel and Watty Strickland are both still with SM Energy. Scott Wilson is at Ryder Scott and Chris Garlasco continues consulting for PRA, enjoying her ability to work remotely and travel to Anchorage occassionally. Our retirees in attendance included Ben Ball, Ann Hippe, Joseph and Mary Beth Falcone, Becky Watson and Clyde Borden.

In addition to adding our talents to the industry, Herb Vogel is on the Engineering Advisory Council for CU Boulder and Bill O'Brien spends three hours a week teaching money management and life skills classes at the Samaritan House Homeless Shelter.  Gordon Pospisil is joining Bill in this volunteer activity that directly helps the most vulnerable people in Denver.

Each summer, the Liberty Resources team travel to Tioga, North Dakota for a Community Appreciation BBQ and public tours of their facilities/operations. Larry Griffin, Mike Ellis, Gordon Pospisil, Mark Pearson and Stacy Strickland all worked in the Kuparuk Business Unit together in the early-90’s. The younger generation was also represented by Mark and Maria Pearson's daughter and son. Talking about children, both Tom Tracey and Herb Vogel have sons working at Chevron. Carol Baker's daughter works at Entero. Stacy and Watty Strickland's daughter is working at Ballard Petroleum.

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