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Advancial - Here When You Need Us

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Advancial is dedicated to providing help and resources to members in need of financial assistance. For more than 35 years, many ARCO alumni have counted on Advancial for financial solutions.

The Skip-a-Payment Program and Loan Extensions help if you are in financial difficulty, and apply to the following criteria:

  • Member must be in good standing with all loans current
  • Does not apply to loans during the first six months of the loan agreement
  • Only two Skip-a-Payments are allowed per rolling year with a maximum of five Skip-a Payments over the life of the loan
  • A member may not skip two consecutive payments

Additionally, the below types of loans are not applicable for the Skip-a-Payment program:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Home Equity loans
  • Credit Cards (available during the Holiday months unless otherwise announced)
  • True Line of Credit Loans
  • Balloon Option Loans
  • Leases

Please contact your local branch Advancial branch and speak to a representative about how Advancial can help you today.

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