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ARCO Still Top Rated

Oct 10 2014 Be the first to comment!

Thanks to the more than 60 individuals who RSVP'd for the Anchorage event at Kinley’s. We had a great evening and now it is time to share career updates, ARCO memories and pictures. We asked ARCO Alumni to share what made ARCO special and how it shaped their lives and careers.

Joann Henry, now with the Municipality of Anchorage, recalls how progressive ARCO was. I was a consultant at KPMG after ARCO and I was surprised that "best practices" we had been doing at ARCO for years were not part of the business process elsewhere. Every idea I advised a client to implement was something I learned at ARCO. "ARCO was a very caring culture focused on training and employee empowerment," shares Joann.


Couples who met working at ARCO include Pat and Ken Thompson and Tina and Gerry Suellentrop. Pat shares that she met Ken Thompson when she was involed with AEDP. "I particularly enjoyed being involved with the college recruiting and AEDP training. We moved all over and loved ARCO and the people. Anchorage is still our home after 20 years,” said Pat Thompson.

Dave Fisher shares that technical excellence and teamwork are skills he acquired that he has valued throughout his career. Another ARCO alum said the constant change at ARCO was something he learned to value and respond to.

Other memories? " the day we moved into the Tower," says Debra Perala. And skills from the ARCO days? " the safety training, financial evaluations, computer skills".

Thomas and Chantal Walsh started PRA and Tom's first contract in 1996 was for ARCO in Anchorage. Chantal shared that she was born in Cordova, Alaska and also worked at ARCO.

Louise Osborn is currently with COP in Anchorage: “Retirement is very boring - so I am very definitely semi-retired and working in Alaska and the Middle East. A special memory of mine is while on the spill response team at Kuparuk, we were doing a summer exercise on the river. Five miles upstream, the boat engine died. On the boat with five operators and mechanics, we were stranded on a sand bar with the Otter overflying watching the Grizzlies. We sent for a part of some kind - which didn't work. Someone had a stick of gum with them. He took the foil gum wrapper and used it as a conductor to keep the engine running until we were back to the drop off point. Ingenuity at work,” recalls Louise.

scottScott Digert, BP, who along with wife Barbara were at their first ARCO alumni happy hour shared his best memory: "I'd go with our four years working for ARCO British in London. I got to see two new platforms, travel and work with great people." And what Scott learned and used throughout his career? The skill and drive to figure things out and get a project done" says Scott. John Melvin, COP, shares how fortunate he was to work in such a highly skilled organization. "I didn't realize it at the time, but ARCO truly was a special company."

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